2 LOST CATS - My name is Larry Muck, I lived in Palm Desert,CA. for 11 years. I moved on August 25th,2011 to Michigan. I left 2-11year old indoor cats with a friend for 2-weeks until I found a place to live, then they were to send them to me via airplane. Around August 31,2011 they were lost by my friend in Palm Desert Green Village(mobile homes) on Country Club by Monterey in Palm Desert. They mean more to me then anything else, they are the only family I know, since I have no family of my own. Both thier names are baby! I've included pictures of them so people might have seen them.There is also a $ 100.00 reward for them.(I'ts all I have). Please help me, for I am so distraught without them and worried. Thankyou for all your assistance and thoughtfullness.sincerly yours, Larry Muck. My number is 616-617-6908. Local contact number is 760-766-6223 ask for Betty.

Lost on Monday, September 1st was the day she went missing from Cathedral City around the Century Park area. Thanks for your help.

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